Snakes of Arizona

Snakes of Arizona
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Snakes of Arizona 

Rodeo 2020, geb., SU., xx 860 Seiten, 390 Abb. Five introductory chapters and 59 peer-reviewed species accounts authored by leading authorities comprise the heart of this elegant and beautiful opus. A definitive scholarly treatise that addresses all aspects of the biology of Arizona’s snakes, as supported by a complete review of both the primary and gray scientific literature and as well as a trove of novel data and observations. Each species account includes the following sections: Taxonomy, Description, Distribution and Abundance, Habitat, Diet and Foraging Biology, Predators and Parasites, Behaviour, Reproduction, and Remarks. The book is exquisitely illustrated with over 390 figures, including original artwork by Randall D. Babb and hundreds of photographs. Dot distribution maps for each species, based on vouchered records, are gathered in a concluding chapter. An indispensable book for professional biologists, resource managers, and naturalists alike.Scheduled for late November

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