The Venom Interviews - 1 Blue Ray Disc

The Venom Interviews - 1 Blue Ray Disc
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The Venom Interviews - 1 Blue Ray Disc

"The most comprehensive film ever made about venomous reptile work.”

The Venom Interviews is a 4½-hour crash course in the professions and professionals whose daily work revolves around some of the world’s most interesting and misunderstood reptiles. Some of the most respected names in the field discuss how their childhood fascination with reptiles developed into their unique careers in herpetology, toxinology, venom research, emergency medicine and more, and they offer wise advice to anyone wanting to work in the field.

The Venom Interviews project was launched in response to the media’s fictionalized depictions of venomous reptiles and the people who work with them. The goal of the film is to present the work and science of venomous herpetology as it actually is, without exaggeration or sensationalism.

Produced by: CODE RICA MEDIA, INC.
Directed by and executive producer: Ray Morgan.

Features names such as Dr Bryan Fry, Dr Leslie Boyer and Bill Becker.


- Feature Film (1 hr, 54 min)

Intro — A Multi-faceted Fascination
Part I — Dinosaurs and Garter Snakes
Part II — Ramping Up Starting the Hard Way Rear-fanged Colubrids Mentors and Starter Species Why Venomous Snakes?
Part III — The Private Sector The Value of Private Herpetology Doc Seward & The Monsters What Makes a Responsible Keeper? Regulation and Permits
Part IV — The State of Television
Part V — Putting Risk in Perspective Developed vs. Developing Countries Dangerous, or just Toxic? Risks By Species Venom Control and Baby Snakes
Part VI — An Ounce of Prevention Not a Matter of When Perfect, All Day, Every Day A Chain of Events
Part VII — A Living Experiment Every Bite is Different What it’s Like to be Tortured The Value of Making it Personal September 11 Fasciotomy It’s Complicated
Part VIII — Once Bitten Who Gets Bitten, and How Time is Tissue First Aid? Anaphylaxis Envenomation by Exotics
Part IX — All About Antivenom Sticker Shock Antivenom 101 CroFab
Part X — Now What? The To-do List The Next Generation That’s a Wrap! Credits Memorials & Dedication Credits and Outtakes.

- Extended Scenes (3 hr, 27 min)

-Dinosaurs and Garter Snakes
-Starting the Hard Way
-Mentors and Starter Species
-Rear-fanged Colubrids
-Regulation and Permits
-Why Venomous Snakes?
-The Value of Private Herpetology
-Doc Seward and the Monsters
-What Makes a Responsible Keeper?
-The State of Television
-A Chain of Events
-Not a Matter of When
-Complacency and Distraction
-Every Bite is Different
-What it’s Like to be Tortured
-The Value of Making it Personal
-September 11
-Who Gets Bitten and How
-Envenomation by Exotics
-First Aid?
-Time is Tissue
-A Living Experiment (:) Sticker Shock
-All About Antivenom

- Bonus Clips (1 hr, 2 min)

-Bad Habits
-Reptile Shows
-Safe By Design
-Lachesis Envenomation
-The Future of Antivenom
-Coral Snake Antivenom
-Antivenom From Humans?
-Rattlesnake Aversion Training

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