Professional Breeders Series - Millipedes

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Professional Breeders Series - Millipedes

Professional Breeders Series - Millipedes

Sigling, S

Frankfurt am Main 2010, HC, 206 pages, more than 400 colour photos, 11 coloured drawings and distribution maps for all species. An Archispirostreptus gigas that seems to float at speed on a wave of tiny feet is a sight that can by now be beheld at many terrarium fairs. Spectacular colors and the unusual body shape of some species have meanwhile made millipedes to widely kept terrarium animals whose reasonable space requirements render them perfect for trendy nano terraria. Shurá Sigling shares her years of experience with these primeval animals with the ever-growing fan community of millipedes and here presents a manual that provides practical and proven suggestions for how to keep them successfully.

ISBN 978-3-89973-489-8

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